Hollywood A lister, Mark Ruffalo joins the Education Is Not a Crime global campaign.


Forced Confession Campaign.  This legal campaign in London and it's supporting film Forced Confessions successfully shut down Iranian State TV in the UK for breach of ethical rules.  Maziar Bahari mounted a legal challenge to Press TV after they broadcast an interview conducted under duress during his imprisonment in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison.  Broadcasting such material is in contravention of the UK regulator Offcom's rules.  Press TV was shut down after it refused to put in place editorial structures that would prevent further breaches of editorial ethical rules.  The case was a major blow to international Iranian State media and received extensive coverage in the UK press.  Publicising Iran's use of forced confessions has reduced both the profile and numbers of this particularly cruel form of legal and political theatre in Iran.

Rosewater  Is a major Hollywood feature film starring Gael Garcia Bernal.  The film tells the story of Maziar Bahari's incarceration, solitary confinement and torture in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison.  Directed by ex-Daily Show host, John Stewart, the film has been seen by millions across the world and has massively raised awareness of the censorship and brutality at the heart of the Iranian system of governance.  You can view the trailer here>>

Education Is Not A Crime. This is the campaign to stop the banning of religious minorities from higher education in Iran.  The campaign has forced the Iranian regime to answer the charge against them that they are criminalising higher education for millions of Iranians.  Supported by Hollywood A-lister, Mark Ruffalo, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nobel Peace Laureate, Shirin Abdi this has compelled the Iranian government, for the first time in decades, to be accountable for their hounding of religious minorities.

Iranwire, Maziar Bahari is the editor of this online platform to support Iranian independent journalism in Iran, launched in the spring of 2013. Since then it has become one of the most influential Persian-language news organisations, creating a dialogue between Iran and the outside world as well as providing Iranians a way of gathering, disseminating and discussing information.   News stories from Iranwire have been regularly featured in the mainstream media, including the New York Times and the Daily Beast. And the impact of Iranwire is far greater than the figures imply: many professional Iran watchers are regular readers of Iranwire be they business and economic analysts, in the media, or in policy-making circles. A good indicator of Iranwire's impact in Iran is that it has been regularly criticised by the regime in Tehran and a number of online attacks have been launched against the project from inside Iran - none successful.  Iranwire has over 125,000 followers on Facebook and over 8,000 followers on Twitter.  Further readership figures are available on request.

Burundi Voices created in partnership with Search For Common Ground created a dialogue between the perpetrators and victims of the 1994 genocide through the medium of public drumming.  The project was so successful that it was subsequently rolled out in Rwanda.

Freedom Beat is a platform for musicians to share and discuss their work.  It has enabled a dialogue between musicians in Lebanon, Iran and Egypt.

Other Impacts.  Through our animations, we have taught cyber-security to millions of Iranians and demanded more accountability and transparency from the Iranian government.  We regularly publish cartoons to engage millions of readers in the issues of human rights and freedom of expression and each year we publish a free downloadable collection of our cartoons.


For more information on our impacts, contact us at info@journalismforchange.org