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With increasing censorship and attacks on journalists, the world’s media and the internet are becoming less free. Whose voices will dominate important global debates?  Will the media be a tool for objective reporting, accountability and oversight?  Or will it become an instrument of propaganda, misinformation and censorship?

Our Platforms

The best way to support independent journalists and documentary film-makers is to publish their work. These platforms, viewed by millions, are built to enable free expression and free debate.

Iranwire is a groundbreaking news service that encourages objective, authoritative and entertaining journalism from Iran.  The project is supported by Irex.  Launched in 2013 and publishing in English and Persian, Iranwire has had a major impact both inside and outside Iran. 

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Over 65 journalists are being held by the Iranian authorities, many without charge.  Journalism Is Not A Crime tells their story and campaigns for their release.

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In Iran it is illegal for followers of the Baha'i faith to enrol in university - and yet they can and do study for covert degrees that are recognised the . Education is Not a Crime and it's accompanying film To Light a Candle, tells the story of the world's most successful secret university.

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Our Campaigns

We have persuaded A-list Hollywood stars to campaign for education. We have successfully challenged media lies in London and even got conflicted communities in Burundi to talk.  Our campaigns change the way people think and act.


Through public drumming performances, members of the warring Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Burundi were able to tell their stories of the ethnic cleansing that has ripped through their communities.  By celebrating these stories, many Hutus and Tutsis have been able to begin a dialogue.

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Across the Middle-East, musicians' recordings are censored and they are banned from playing in public. Freedom Beat showcases the  work of outspoken songsters who are trying to change perceptions in their countries.

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Our Blog

From anti-corruption investigations in Serbia to a new radio station in El Salvador, we report on the best in independent journalists and their projects.  It's how we learn from some of the most imaginative people out there and how we build a network of resources for our initiatives.